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Positive? WTH??? Its a lie….

March 4, 2010 4 comments

Basically it is calling for positive dingeon finder group stories……

The more popular side of this topic is the horror stories brought about by people who speak like the below gif.


I have seen numerous posts about these hidden idiots, but I can honestly say….for the most part…I have NOT found a single moron? Are they an endangered species? I have seen people act somewhat dumb…..but never to the point where I would consider them to be “short-bus” special level. Where are these people who are SOOOOOO BAD that they inspire people to write 2500 words posts

Example of people come close to be “short-bus” worthy

  1. Level 80 lock (GS of 4800 ish) in a random daily with the rest of the group ranging from 76-79 in Gundrak. Pulled only 2300 DPS or so. Liked to use the firerain spell only and did not have a pet out.
  2. Can not remember the Druid’s name but it was something lame. Would only heal me the tank and himself and let the mage, lock (Lyssi) die numerous time in DTK. Eventially booted him and got a freakin awesome druid.
  3.  Me as a Prot Pally forgetting to use Righteous Fury….”Damn why is my threat so low…why is Lyssi taking punches to the face by the troll?!?!?!” “Slice do you have fury on…” “Ummmm…no…” Now Lyssi goes – Aura?, Right Fury? before Qing up. :)

My favorite experience in the random finder was a pre 80 group in “normal” Halls of Stone.

Group: Me as prot pally, lyssi as lock, 2 enhancement shamans, and 1 resto druid.

We all enter buff up and etc. I mention I am not used to Prot, the rest understood. The druid kicked ass, as did the 2 enh shamans. Run went off with a hitch and no wipe etc. People were courteous. DPS rocked, things died fast. I bet the druid and shamans were surprised a tank was worred about their mana. :)

Afterwards, the druid said thank you and left group, Lyssi, the 2 enh shamans, and I said some more thank you etc. Just needed a campfire and would could have made smores and sang koombaya. The 2 shaman, seemed to be fromt the same guild and also trolls, maybe a husband and wife team? no idea. Normally i die a little when i see HoS now. But that one restored my faith in it…a little. :p

Why are we drawn to the more negative things in life? We like to pick at scabs. We slow down whenever we see a car accident. When the news is on…how many stories are actually positive…i bet ya not too many. Look at the rise of some reality TV shows…horrible people doing horrible things on TV. Why as human beings are we so keen on holding onto the negaive?

Interesting article. Guess we are really like rats! :P

Stay frosty.

Edit: By the way…Zug’s Grandma is the most intimidating member of person known to SR members.

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Nerf? Buff? Nerf? Buff? EZ MODE IKE?

March 3, 2010 2 comments

Is it a slap in the face for serious raiders? A blessing for the more casual minded?

If you don’t know what it is, here is a recap.

“As many of you may have noticed, the Icecrown Citadel raid buffs have been activated. These buffs increase total health, healing done and damage dealt by 5% for all raid members. In addition, the number of attempts on the final bosses of each wing and the Lich King allotted raid groups on Heroic difficulty has been increased to 35. These buffs — referred to as Strength of Wrynn for the Alliance and Hellscream’s Warsong for the Horde — can be deactivated by speaking to your faction’s leader at Light’s Hammer.”

Just reading it…looks awesome…helps the whole raid out.  For guilds stuck at the 4/12 etc, this will be a lightning bolt to the heart.

For more progressive minded guild…like Herding cats mentioned, it does feel like a slap in the face perhaps. I am not too happy about it myself but I do understand Blizzard’s reasoning behind it. GET MAOR PEOPLE TO SEE DA GAME. MEANS MORE MONEYS

Blizzard: Dude lets add a zone wide buff to the raid. People will be happier and we will gets moar moneys.

I am glad they at least did implement it so you can disable it, so one can still down bosses without. So I guess it is not that bad. But still it does feel like..they are saying the vast majority cannot handle the dungeon. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!!

It will be up to RL/GM to see if their people can handle things without the buff or not.

Edit: I guess it is ok to use…1st heroic mode Lich King kill used the buff.

But onto happier news





“Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus: Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield and Renew spells by 5%.”


This is better then sliced bread, wind rider cubs, and Blue-proto drakes..I know what my Emblems of Frost are going toward. :)

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LVL 99!!! WTH

March 2, 2010 3 comments

SO TEMPTING TO REJOIN. Level 99 cap…the plethora of combinations for Main job and Subjob …and 3 new mini expansions… mobs to grind down for xp….


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Country road take me home…to the place i belong.

March 2, 2010 4 comments

Ok 2nd character is almost to 80, wooo!!! Now the seond time through WoW has been a very different experience, but these 2 characters Liyhe, and Orangeslice were not my 1st characters.

WAYYYY back when WoW first came out I bought the collectors edition, cause a friend from college convinced me to play. (When I buy games…I will ussually opt for the bigger, shinier stuffs)

Installed the game….and waited….waited…waited….for it update and let me log in. I log in and immediately make a Horde character, my friend is playing horde so i was kinda stuck, but i did not mind. Undead are cool, Horde is cool, and Thrall owns.

So I roll up and undead male Warlock named Khalad. (he is no longer in esistance…he is deleted….kinda regret it though). The 1st undead town was cool looking (to a very new WoW player), quest givers all over the place. Go kill this….grumble…go fetch this for me….blarg….here is your imp…an imp….geee thanks….go and kill some more things…here is your Voidwalker…ok back then it was freakin sweet.

Blueberry I choose you!!. Go kill that mob, while I DoT it, shadowbolt it…and hack at it…yes I did not know any better I meleed with a sword as well…LOL. I think I got bored of the game and the lock around lvl 16. (I was still a hardcore FFXI player at the time and did not have time to devote to 2 MMO’s so goodbye WoW after the 30 day free trial).  I think I also tried out a Taruen Warrior (Thormgrim), Gnome mage (yes i know, I was drunk i think when i created it), and a NE Druid. These characters I have no idea which server they were on.

Time goes by and I am browsing thru my local gamestop….and a green box with the words “Burning and Crusade” on it, falling for its evil trap I note is says new races!!! Space goats and ELVES!! For the horde side….ok win…must buy…I happily pay the employee 30 and i gleefully go and reinstall WoW and the new expansion…..made 2 characters immediately to try out the new races. Blood Elf hunter named – Liyhe, and a Dranei Paladin – Kurik (I am not totally sure on the name) – these were made on Sister of Elune if I remember correctly.

I got the space goat about the 24…before I got sick auto attacking to kill stuffs. The hunter interested me as my favorite job in FFXI is ranger. The pet companent was interesting as well. SO excited when got my 1st pet…got one of those Sabrertooth tigers around Tranquilen. Well my interest in WoW did not last once again and Hunter only made it to 24.

A few months later i tried again and rolled a space goat priest, I dont remember her name (Salathera?)…but the waggle was the bomb. Anyways..that character lasted till about 35 ish?

My intial expeditaions into WoW were shortlived and noob filled…my specs would make Conan and Crom cry. It would cause oceans to recede, and babies to turn into stone. I think my intial tries with WoW would have been sucessful if there was a decent guild to join.

Ok WoW faded from memory and the collectors box and BC box gathered dust. Until a few months ago…I think it was around August or Sept…I was bored of FFXI…a friend in the Columbus area, he convinced me to play WoW again and roll a Priest on Uther….I rolled one up…Belf of course onry. It was in this latest try where i found all the damn WoW sites and blogs…i was hooked…my friends then quit…and i was at 67ish..i quit for month…came back and powered my way till 80.

Looked around blogs and located Clearcasting and Shadow Rising  :P (also thru Ari’s blog…located Lyss’s blog or was that thru Rivs blog?)

 The rest is history as one could say.

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March 1, 2010 5 comments

On 2-27-10. Shadow Rising strolled into Ulduar to knock out some hard modes. Some fights were harder then others. Others were lolwut, that’s it??

Prior to the run, I watched the videos…but till one actually gets in there and gets the hands dirty it is not the same. But still some prepardness is better then none. It maye be just be because we outgeared a lot of the fights…Heartbreaker seemed a lot easier then showed on the video for hard mode XT.

My personal favorite fight of the night was XT and Kologarn – things went smoothly poeple got out the bad relatively fast.

 The Iron Council fight…did not like, we did get it down pretty easily (although it did take a few tries to get things down pact)  —-RAWR i be 26th.

But I think it was Ari who mentioned….we did outgear a lot of the Ulduar fights. The 1st ranked holy priest in the Iron Council fight did 6913 HPS…that parse was uploaded on 10-7-09 it appears. So they were not in Ulduar gear only I assume, but not in ICC + T10 gear (like I was).

Comparing the spells the top ranked holy priest vs what I used…it is very different.

1.) Prayer of Healing 31.2% 

2.) Flash Heal 20.8%

3.) Prayer of Mending 20.7%

My spell break down

1.) Renew 22.0%

2.) Circle of Healing 17.7%

3.) Binding Heal 17.0 %

With the rest of my spells being pretty evenly used.

I am kind of surprised with the Prayer of Healing being their most used spell.  It has a relatively high casting speed. One can lower the cast time with haste, and various amount of Serendipity. But to maintain stacks of Serendipity one has to cast Flash Heal or Binding Heal. How did they not have issues with mana? Its also party only heal. Raid dmg can be kind of hectic with the Iron Council, I am kinda surprised it was used so much….but guess it is just a different style of play.

Renew, then flash heal as needed. Circle of Healing when people need, Prayer of Mending as well. Prayer of healing as needed.

(I think i read somewhere PoH was changed at one point?)

In other healing heavy fights…Dreamwalker….raid dmg is heavy…adds are crazy…need more DPS…so can focus more time on the dragon rather then the raid.

Happy monday  – happy healing…blarg…..its monday.

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