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The end of pony and bacon???

March 16, 2010 1 comment

No I am not thinking of quitting or leaving etc.

This week in SR had a couple of good players decide IRL > WoW, and I do not blame them. As much as we joke around getting your life cleared up 1st is more important. So to Del, Kagen, Spliff, Tay and etc, hope things go well and hope that you come back soon. :)

Anyways back onto other stuffs. Guess T10 4 Piece for priests is 5% to Power Word: shield and 10% to Circle of Healing. Guess this means I might actually look at getting the 4 piece. *grumbles*

is the piece I was thinking about picking up next for disc. but now with the bonus

Prob going to have to pick this up and the pants as well.  But this may just suit my holy setup better. Might still stick with the meteor chasers raiment…decisions…then there is still the issue of making the sandals of desecration too….sigh!!!

Tested out Pally healing on a unsuspecting group of pugs and guildees! thanks again guys!!!

The difference between priest healing and Pally healing…very differnt imo.

With being a disc priest I have a lot of instant cast spells, shield, and in general more of a toolbox to get things done. Overzealous DPS takes aggro – i can pop a shield on them and renew them or throw a flash heal on them. group taking dmg over time. Prayer of Mending or Prayer of healing (hasted with Borrowed Time of course)

Holy Paladin – not a large toolbox ot heal. Very single target dependant, although Beacon of LIght does help a little. Beacon the tank and they get healed as well as someother target. No AoE spells, no bubble, although Pallys do get Holy Shield which is nice. Another difference I need to get used to is the constant casting it seens. FoL, HL, HS Holy shield rinse and repeat. Although, I do admit is it kinda fun seeing the huge numbers HL brings.

Maybe an end to the priest…we shall see…i doubt it.

Next healer on the list – Resto Shaman.

Also in other non WoW stuffs.

Updated a whole bunch of new stuff. Looks like though 1 tank though possibly although the pugilist does have a defensive stance? So maybe an evastion/counter tank?

Soth sparkles?? I dont get the joke though. XD

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Skill vs Luck.

March 15, 2010 15 comments

1st off some good news SR is 9/12 for 10 man ICC. Kill the Bloodqueen last night. 9 wipes and 10 try, the kill shot….or was it the DoT shot…?? (will post a SS later on)

In this fight, the dmg is chaotic and at 1st overwheming. After a few more tries it is not as overwhelming. It does become crazy after the bloodbolt whirl. Especially if poeple are grouping up and OOR.

One thing to note is, she does cast bloodbolts at random people before the whirl as well, people need to stay apart from those as well. She seems to cast those standing at range. There were a few time i got the low health warning all of a sudden, as i got hit with the splash effect.

With the red beams of death…still got issues with those. I am trying to run toward the person and then stopping about 3-4 steps. before meeting up with them. Seems if both people are moving they will miss one another.  Another point is that the healers and ranged might be a bit too far out…when someone targeted way out there with a melee…the dmg can hurt. Or a far out person gets target with another far out person and catches a healer in the middle.

From a healing standpoint – I do think it was a weird comp we had for that kill. One thing I would to try out if  the same team is brought in. Would be to put  Hex and I or a shaman for that matter toward the middle. So the chainheals can hit more people if that is what they are using.

With Hex off to the far side, I don’t think the chain heal was at its most effective, if I am wrong please correct me. Also with Tel being targeted sometimes, the other 2 healers need to be more aware of the tanks, there were times when the tanks got dangerously low. But with that fight DPS also needs to stay alive + tanks it can be hectic. Having a druid there would have helped out a lot as well. *stare Del, Tatia*

The kill attempt – we did have one of our best DPS die and then I died as well. Not sure how we managed to kill her.  Healers -1, Blizzard 69

Dreamwalker…..I dont want to think how many times i have read that strat. So I am not sure where it is going wrong? Its it the healing? Is it the add control? 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 DPS?

4 healers, 2 tanks, 4 DPS?

No idea!

It really does boil down to HPS.  Different healers are better at it then others. I do think I could get higher #’s but with that fight all the adds makes me worry. And priest imo, are not designed to put out the raw power needed at time like a shaman, druid, or pally can.

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Angry Sat post is Angry. And a little sexy :P

March 13, 2010 3 comments

Here I am at work, on a freakin Sat. SOOOO grumpy. Saturday’s people are extra whiny and extra annoying. Cut me some slack gere people…. things open during the week will not normally be open on a weekend. Deal with it. QQing me a river wont help you out. 

Anyways….while sitting here…Sats are quiet and most just for taking phone calls, it does allow me the chance to catch up on something…Critical QQ’s fire and frost guide….good read if you havent had the chance to read them.

“KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!” lol genius.

He also had this little gem hiding out in there. This should help bleach out all the belf and nelf pron Ari has been posting lately :P


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random screenshots!

March 13, 2010 1 comment

Woot Yogg kill!

yay leveling….


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Hidden identities?

March 12, 2010 3 comments

Alternative identities

Different personalities

Arioch over at Clearcasting and Koalabear over at DotsandHots, have some good posts touching on this. Ty over at 1377Bohica also talks about this as well.

RP or roleplaying for short. For some it is a dirty phrase never to be mentioned while talking about WoW. While for others it is just another aspect to a game they enjoy they play.  For those who are not used to it…from the outside looking in…it really does appear to be quite strange and alien. Besides that for some poeple they think RP means talking dirty etc etc.

“Normal Person”: OMF WTF ARE YOU 2 talking bout! lol L2talk normally!!!

“RP’er”: Look hither its a talking gorilla. By a dragon’s burning breath this world is truly amazing”

Why do people do this? Who knows..personally I would think it is rather difficult to raid and RP or even RP and play an MMO. Playing a pencil and paper RPG is definitely the ideal venue for RP’ing. It forces one to put oneself into character and use your mind’s eye rather then your eyes. Other may disagree with this, but this is what I think. I tried RP once…it was taxing and distracting. Power to those who can do it though.

Anyways, back the main topic. Does your character and other alts have different personalites from your own? Do you have a back story in place? Specifc hates and dislikes? Do they wear certain pieces of gear? A favorite color? Food? Favorite place to hang out in town?

Arioch has mentioned her stable of foxtailed blood elves all seem to have differnt personalities and traits that make them their own.  go check out her post on it, very good read. (I cannot see Arioch – giving anyone a flower etc….And Tatia I see rather punching someone…in the arm)

Also Ty mentioned his 3 character each have their own story and background.

I myself just made a character and hit enter world. I admit i pick a chacater cause I like the way they look, not for a distinct reason or RP flavor. If i am going to look at something for hours up on end…might as well be nice looking. *shrugs* I do not have a particular attitude or personality for my characters. 

I will admit…when I make characters I may tend to roll them on RP servers. I do it to avoid general chat morons. It seems to me…they are not as annoying on those servers. I still have one on Feathermoon in fact. My now deleted hunter was on Sisters of Elune.

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Burned out????

March 11, 2010 11 comments

Ok I admit this has been a bad week for me, at least in terms of WoW time, FF13 was released this weekend and it is cutting into heroic time.

And no Doz, I will never admit it is a waste of money. now as far as FF12 I will.

Del appears needs time to take a break from WoW. BOO! At you!!!!!!

I find my time in WoW, I am just sitting around a lot…my priest does not need any badge gear. I dont like to PuG things. I could chain heroic…but for some reason I am not as comfortable with it as with it as paladin. Healing is something I understand, WoW tanking not so much. I would heal on paladin, BUT NO gear for it. except for a few pieces here and there.

Is…maybe  Del starting a trend? (Probably not but its fun to pick on him.)

1.) as weather gets nicer people do not feel the need to sign in as often.

2.) IRL issues?

3.) Burn out. It happens…

4.) other games to play.

 5.) “nothing” to do, when raids are on “farm” people get bored faster.

I am interested to see how guilds/Blizzard will cope with these issues, especially as guilds get thru ICC, and the weather becomes nicer.

Blizzard appears to be trying the “tease” approach. They are giivng up bits and pieces of info for the new expansion and a new instance to run soon.

With the new instance, will it be enough to keep people in Blizzard’s grasp? I dont think so. It appears to be short like, EoE, and Sarth. Wham, Bam, Thank you Mamm kinda action. As other have mentioned toward the end of BC, Blizzard added Sunwell?

 Now if Blizzard did something like that, they may have a better tool to keep subscriptions higher, and fight the trend of: “oh look a new thing to do”, reupp, and then unsub when they are on “farm”.  

By giving teasers out about the game, they are keeping hopes and expectations high. But with a farout release date (I think when I last checked Amazon is showing a ship date in November, *checks again* hmm now no date), this buzz will phase. For Blizzard’s sake I do hope they can get a quality product out faster. There are quite a few other MMO’s coming out that will eat into Blizzard’s fans.

Final Fantasy 14 online (I know i will end up buying this)

Cat Girls….nuff said.

Star War: the Old Replblic (will also be getting this as well)

Jedi, sith, and lightsabers. Win.

The Secret World.

Looks impressive, but its made by Funcom, so less see if they will fail less then with Conan.  The pseudo modern world aspect is cool. Definitely different, but will need to see if will jive. Look at the failures of anarchy online or even matrix online. 

Also i am a pissed i have to work this weekend. At least I will get a 3 day weekend the following week. What to do with it? Visit out of state friends?, play more WoW? who knows lol.

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Ez mode go! Hard mode activated….wut???

March 10, 2010 10 comments

1st off….my internet connection at home has been acting up…will work fine and then shutoff. Unplug the nodem and router for a few minutes, hook everything back up and boom back in business. Now I do not mind doing this, but when it has been 2-3 times a week…not cool.

Thank goodness we had enough people left to do the weekly quest on 10 man (killing XT). Now that was a fun time…was expecting a nice easy mode….but things do not always go to plan. :P

Engage XT, his heart appears…DPS does their thing…next thing…STOP DPS…doh not soon enough….HARD MODE IKE! (Lyssi more wanding less DoTing :P) Only thing i could think of saying at the time was “F*ck!” lol sorry for the potty mouth.

Sorak and I were on heals…kept everyone alive. The fight was definitely longer. Soth had to call out for an invenerate XD. I admit i did get tunnelvisioned a bit…didnt move light spark out super fast. Sorry about that. Also the raid wide dmg from tantrum was kinda annoying. Not having a pld to Divine Sacrifice was noticible. Divine Hymn, Pain Suppression = thank goodness.

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Gone fishing

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

FF13, some chipotle, and a free afternoon….gone fishing :P

And this link: enjoy Ari and Koala :P

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March 8, 2010 2 comments

Hmmmm. Shadow Rising went into ICC again last night. Downed Rotface, Prof…still refusing to die (again, he is undead, so maybe umm…not sure).

We also tried out the Frost and Blood Wings.

The dreamwalker fight…I am thinking maybe i should be taken out for this fight. I cannot put out the high HPS needed for this fight. Paladins, Duids, Shamans are much better for this it appears. We managed to get it to 70% before the adds overwhelmed and killed us. The issue with me going holy is I am not used to it…should run more 5 mans with it. Funny thing is, Holy is what i started with.

In the videos i have watched they had a holy priest…not sure what I am doing wrong. FH or Binding Heal to get Serendipity up and then Greater Heal and refresh renew.  

In the Bloodwing…after a few tries…finally killed the princes. 3 tanks, 3 healers. It was a long fight, but pulled thru, even with one d/c. A lot of the incidental damage that killed us before was avoided for the most part. In the end 2 tanks did go down…that room is large.   (Holy might have been better as well, the hits in there are large and even shielding a non tank didnt seem to do much, they popped the shield like it was nothing.)

I was assigned to Ti, who was on the shadow dude. Tel and Hex were on Dozzer (big hits dude) and Soth (fire dude). There were some close calls, but we pulled thru in the end. It felt like i was constantly casting….non stop. except for times when i had to chase a tank down *stares Ti* or run to another one, throw a shield on them and cast a hasted FH.

Onto Bloodqueen…trash was nasty as usual. The Queen herself…lots of dmgs…wasnt expecting it to hit that fast. That raid wide DoT is nasty. 4k every 2 sec. Having a druid here might help out a lot.

I did say healers stay spead out….cause when the fire thing hits…dont want to leave it near the group (when the queen fears people, dont want people running in it). In the center, i think you will want to leave it open for people to get together from that beam attack. I should have elaborated it to stay near the innercircle.  

The Queen fight reminds me a lot of the Kirin “burn”  method.

Kirin in FFXI is a giant chimera. Only has about 56k HP but has a massive regen buff.

Old method to killing Kirin – 24 poeple needed. 3 parties in the main alliance, and 1 party for adds. And other misc people to SUB in as people die.

When you 1st spawn Kirin – tanks must kite him around the room. Kirin will cast AoE Stonega IV which will one shot people. Also Great Typhoon will cause more dmg the closer you are to him. Also his physical attack hits hard, and hit other physical attack “Deadly Hold” will one shot tanks. DD need to let tank generate hate/threat on him while kiting. (nin/drk or pld/nin are the tanks for choice). The DD trail behind the mob to hit  Kirin and build up TP (TP is needed to use weapon skills). The DD then announce and skillchain with another DD to make a skilchain which will cause an elemental effect onto Kirin causing add’l dmgs and also allowing the Black Mages to cast the approp spell to cause even more dmgs. Now when the skill chain happens….the tank need to stay still for a bit…so people need to be fast! He will also pop spawns that need to be killed by the off pty. Also when people die. they need to be res’d and pull away to allow for res sickness to wear. All in all if things go well can take 30 min or so….if not so hot….1 hr fights is not common….I have kited him for 45+ min before…not fun.

Burn Method

18 people. 3 healers, 3 bards, 12 DD (DPS). Bard rotate in the parties to cast buffs, Haste, attack, and accuracy. They will use their 2 hour ability to make them stronger and a 10 min ability to make the buffs last longer. As the bards rotate throuout the parties…every member should have 6 songs. DPS will eat approp food. Kirin is popped. Everyone burns cooldowns, healers will stil cast haste on the DPS as well and heal, DPS will need to sub ninja or samurai for some sort of dmg mitigation. When Kirin uses his i kill you abillity (Astral Flow), the healers have a few seconds to cast the correct elemental resistance spell, if you dont kill him fast enough, after Astral Flow he should be dead. With this method should take no longer then 2 min top (haste from a healer lasts about 2 min 30 seconds).

The Kirin Burn method reminds me of the Bloodqueen fight – its fast and nasty. Do as much DPS as you can before the timer. Although Kirin is a lot nicer…he doesnt seem to use AoE that much, and doesnt have a raid wide DoT.

Onto my next project….DPS i admit…in WoW at least…I dont like it very much…on my ret pally…I know it is not geared yet…but it is ranging from 1300-1800 blah imo. tanking is kinda a pain…not used to it…and all this multimobbing. Mixed group types….ewwww.

I am seriously thinking leveling up one of each healer. Resto shaman and druid, and gearing out the paladin with a holy spec. I kinda get healing…although i feel I can be better. (#7 for Yogg–Saron is not good enough for me :P)

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Eating crow…mmmmmm….blarg!

March 5, 2010 3 comments

Ok I know crow does not look like Korean BBQ! :P

I admit I was excited when they annouced the changes to priest T10 4 piece bonus. YAY a whole 5% bonus to my favorite spell, Power Word: Shield.

This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield and Renew spells by 5%.”

Now looking back….it really is not all that and a bag of chips.

(Quote is taken from World of Matticus)

Let’s say you have 3000 spellpower, raid-buffed or not.  Your glyphed Power Word: Shield will total 8,813 (as of right now).  At 3200 spellpower, it’s 9,177. 

With this new “buff”, those numbers change to 9,254 and 9,636, respectively.  You’re looking at a 441 and 459 jump.  Even at 4000 spellpower, you’re only increasing your shield by 532 points of absorption.  With how bosses and mobs hit, this is hardly worth even considering. 

Meh….very blah…..not really helping all that much. A shield is only good for 1 maybe 2 hits. Adding a minor amount to what it absorbs…is not going to help.

Your Circle of Healing and Penance spells have a 20% chance to cause your next Flash Heal cast within 6 sec to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance spells.

I admit I was also not sold on the above version of T10 as well. But in the long run, it does seem better then the soon to be change. Chains of Penance and CoH seems a  lot better then 5% more shield. (although the enhancement to renew does intrigue me…my holy is 3/3 in improved renew and 3/3 empowered renew)

To be honest I am not quite sure what to purchase next with my Emblems of Frost. More then likely a belt for holy. After that time to save up for Saronite for those slippers (crafted).

Protip – dont be like me and stand in a spot where the rest of the raid just left.

Also check out:

Great read on Divne Aegis etc. There is some math-fu contained within, but very easy to follow and comprehend!

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