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Angry Sat post is Angry. And a little sexy :P

Here I am at work, on a freakin Sat. SOOOO grumpy. Saturday’s people are extra whiny and extra annoying. Cut me some slack gere people…. things open during the week will not normally be open on a weekend. Deal with it. QQing me a river wont help you out. 

Anyways….while sitting here…Sats are quiet and most just for taking phone calls, it does allow me the chance to catch up on something…Critical QQ’s fire and frost guide….good read if you havent had the chance to read them.

“KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!” lol genius.

He also had this little gem hiding out in there. This should help bleach out all the belf and nelf pron Ari has been posting lately :P


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    • slice213
      March 13, 2010 at 6:24 pm | #2

      Sure….it is…

      exclaimation marks over there private =/= art.

      I will say though the tatia and arioch picture was art. :)

      The image above is not art though lol. Just eye candy

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